Creating A Support Ticket from

The Support Ticket

The support ticket is your avenue for accessing personal assistance from our expert support staff to an issue that might contain private or sensitive information about you or your group. We will always encourage you to use the community in order to help build out solutions that benefit everyone, but we must insist that you never expose private or sensitive information about yourself or your group.

It Is Easy!

Click the button in order to begin the support ticket process.

Anatomy of The Support Ticket


As you begin to type information into the header, possible solutions from content will be displayed to you. Select existing content to learn, or 'Continue Topic' to start a new issue.


Leave a detailed description of your issue.

Post In *

Select a tag that best describes your issue.

Organization Name

Add your organization name to help us know more about you.

Note!!! This information can be viewed by anyone.

Post Your Ticket

Select the 'Post' Button to submit your ticket to our staff. Once submitted, your ticket will be assigned an ID# for reference purposes.

What is Next?

Once you have submitted a ticket, our support staff will quickly respond to your issue and ensure that all necessary steps are taken in order to ensure that your issue is resolved. Once completed, your issue may be sanitized of all sensitive data and offered back to the appropriate community for the consumption and education of others.

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