Using the Forums

The Community

The community is the most powerful tool available for getting the answers you need. It allows you to not only seek out the answers you need, but to also offer help to those dealing with issues you have experienced. The way we organize that effort is within our forums.


As of the authoring of this content, we have only one forum: General. As our community involvement matures, we may add additional forums in order to better organize content.

Select a forum in order to access content specific to that forum.

Within any particular forum, you will gain access to a list of 'Recently Added Feedback', as well as an associated knowledgebase for that forum.

Adding a New Topic

In a process similar to Creating A Support Ticket, you can also publish a public idea or concern which will allow other community users the ability to answer your question. If your question does not contain sensitive data, this is the best option.

First, try to find an answer in the search field.

If someone shares your concern, you can vote for the topic or learn the answer by referencing the existing topic.

Otherwise, you will need to add the new Topic to the Community Forum.

The 'Add Public Topic' Option

If you selected the 'Add Public Topic' option, you will be able to create a new public topic, or a private support ticket.

Once you are happy, click 'Post' and your new topic will be posted. Now, others with your concern can add comments and vote for a resolution to the topic.

Please let us know if we can provide more information about this. We are always happy to help!

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