About Interface Articles

The interface article is the core piece of our documentation. Every action you take in C2C requires the use of an interface. Each of these interfaces is documented with an interface article, or should be. If you find one that isn't, let us know and we'll get it done.

What is an Interface?

Find an example of the Welcome Interface pictured below:

If you will, notice the 'Help' option at the bottom of the interface. That option, when selected, will take you to the interface's corresponding help document. You can review the Welcome Interface Article by clicking that link.

Now, it is important that you realize that we name all interface articles with the exact same name as its corresponding interface.

So, what does that mean for you? All you have to do, if you have issues working with an interface, is find that interface article in our Interface Article Big List by the interface name.

More importantly, the interface should have a help option listed within the interface. If it does not, let us know and we'll correct that.

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