test not playing

When I pull up the Coaches Football test at home (Mac) it shows the countdown, etc but doesn't have a picture show up on screen. I can move to the next slide and answer questions but I am not positive I will get it correct because I can't see the slide before.

Hello, We are posting the Policy 36 exam tomorrow (8/9/16). Please check back then.

I cannot find the exam under any page. It shows me voleyball, swimming but not football. I've tried every step given in the emails.


The football officials exam will be opened on 8/18

Finally some help that makes sense, I must have missed read the start and deadline dates. Thank you Shanell

The policy 36 test link is not working to install updated flash player for the test

We would suggest that you please try another computer.

no test under my alerts

The Policy 36 training and test keeps freezing.

I would suggest you use a computer with Chrome and not Windows 10, if you are using that operating system.