Form 35A Where is it?

Marc Johnson 2 years ago updated by Megan G. Tuck (C2C) (VP, COO) 2 years ago 5

Where is this form 35 and 35A


My understanding is that if you don't have administrative access you will not see it. The best way would be have the Athletic Director either give you admin access or either have them provide the forms for you. As of a matter of fact send me your email I send you copies of both.


Good afternoon. 
Your Athletic Department can give you this permission under School Users & Staff. The permission title reads "Documents & Filing". Once given this permission you can access this area by going to Menu> Documents & Filing.>Document Search.

Please contact your Athletic Department regarding this, as they will be able to add it for you or fill out the form.

I hope this helps, thank you for your time!

-Megan ​