pitch count

Jason Stapp 2 years ago updated by Marvin Chou (AHSAA Assistant Director) 2 years ago 5
I am trying to login to pitch c2cschools.com and am getting the message "Well, there's a problem...cannot read property 'username' of undefined.  Is this the site where I report pitch counts for this season?  I am using my c2cschools.com login.  Should the username and password be the same for both ?
We are not using the C2C pitch count this season. Schools are asked to use Game Changer for pitch count.  Please read the Baseball Sports Book found at: http://www.ahsaa.com/School-Parent-Resources/Publications-Forms for more information. Thanks
Mr. Chou - is AHSAA dictating that we must use Game Changer?  Is it tied into the AHSAA for pitch count tracking somehow?  I have historically used another app (iScore) for keeping track of and publishing game statistics.
We recommend using Game Changer, but do not mandate it.  However you track pitches, as long as a hard copy of the report is available to our office when asked for, will be fine.  Thanks
Thank you for the clarification.  As a follow-on, will schools still be required to declare their OPCR/PCR ahead of time?  Is there still a requirement for a OPCR/PCR test?

There is no longer a need for OPCR/PCR through C2C or a test to take. Thanks