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manage "Level" of team

Robin Netherton 4 years ago updated by Marvin Chou (AHSAA Assistant Director) 4 years ago 5

I need to change my 7th Grade Boys Basketball and 8th Grade Boys Basketball "level" to middle school instead of the grade level. When I try to do this in the manage page it says go to declare page. There are no options on the declare page for this. I've tried and tried. Please help ASAP!

I have changed your 7th and 8th grade boys basketball teams to a MS basketball team. Thank you.

Thanks Mr. Chou as usual you are very prompt. Unfortunately, I think I was unclear. I did need to declare both a 7th boys basketball and 8th grade boys basketball teams separately but I just needed the level changed to MS. Now it only shows that I declared 1 team, and I need 2.

please call me in the office tomorrow. Thanks