Golf Score (How To)

bmillican 4 years ago updated by Marvin Chou (AHSAA Assistant Director) 3 years ago 5

How do I enter final scores for golf matches? Can someone explain in detail?

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To report the overall score only (for individual sports):

To report the overall score, go to the team page, double click on the meet and click on the "participants" tab. Here you should see the teams with a "points" box next to each school's name. Double click into the empty box for points to input the scores next to the school's name. To save, simply click out of the box.

To report Event Scores (not required):

Begin by going to your team page and double clicking on the meet. To input scores for “individual sports”, click on the "events" option at the top of the "manage meet" window that you have open. Please click on the first event, if there is not an event you can add one by clicking the drop-down box for events, choosing one and pressing the “add” symbol over to the right you can add the participants by clicking in the "event teams" drop-down box. Choose the team and then you will notice that you can input the score for that event. Also, please notice that you can also input scores for the individual athletes for that team by clicking in the "team athletes" box.

I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any questions!!


When you click on the match on your schedule go to the participants tab and enter the final scores for all team(s) involved.

how do i find the golf championship registration form

All forms are found in C2C under Documents and Filing.  You have to have that permission or be the principal or AD to see those documents. Thanks