Need to take exam and it is not in my que to take. There is a coaches recruiting exam instead.

Joseph Loadholtz 4 years ago updated by Marvin Chou (AHSAA Assistant Director) 2 years ago 15

Need quick response, deadline

I'm in the same situation. I tried what the tutorials say but no luck! please help asap!

Use these steps: Menu --> Account & Personal --> Your Exams --> Click on exam search.

Click on the exam name --> Click Accept

Click "ok" in the successfully claimed box

Click "Take Selected"

Click "Start"

The exam isn't listed in my account. Only soccer and wrestling.

I need to take the basketball exam. Help please.

That is because the basketball exam closed on the 2nd. The make-up exam will open on the 10th.


Same situation: How do you get exams assigned. I need the wrestling rules exam? Frustrating. Wrestling is not in the listed exams and when you search there are not results

Wrestling re-opened today. If you cannot find the exam, please make sure that you are in the same account that you paid your registration in. If you cannot remember your password, please email officialsreg@fhsaa.org.

I was on the computer for hours to get access to the soccer exam before the dead line but no luck ( I was a coach in the past and it keeps taking me to that account please hel

You would need to log in with your officials account. Do you remember the username you paid your registrations fee with?

I want to take the coaches exam for football

The online Rules test for Fall sports will be available on August 6th in C2C. Thanks

I want to  take the exams for coaching football but I cant pull the info up on c2c I have registered with c2c but  I'm having problems  getting to the test

What school are you at and what is your C2C username?